Primary Source Verification

Credentials verification assures an Applicant's education, training and professional credentials are carefully investigated. This is inclusive of current state license to practice, board certification, DEA, peer references, proof of professional liability coverage and claims history. As well, we require copies of CV, government ID, BLS. Additionally, Primary Source Verification (PSV) for initial and renewal reappointment (s) will meet regulatory requirements of the Joint Commission, NCQA, CMS and other regulatory bodies. Credentialing documentation received on behalf of the Applicants' from primary sources will be released to Client's Credentialing Department only or Designee, unless requested in writing to do otherwise. Regulatory bodies in the review or certification process may view Credentialing information obtained.

Credentialing Application Profile

Upon request we offer this much needed Provider application service. Providers or designee must complete the Credentialing Application Profile (CAP) in order for the service to be successful. The initial process is extensive; however, once the CAP is completed, we will have your original profile in our secure Provider data base. Accordingly, the CAP will be a detailed guide for accurate documentation and completion of future applications. In addition, Providers will be given access to the secure database for 48/hours to update their CAP. Custom Credentialing will notify Providers of any noted discrepancies during the Application completion process. Once Applications are completed we will return the documents to the Providers' or Designee via email for review and signature. Providers' also have the option of signing the completed Applications electronically giving CCS permission to forward the document to appropriate entity for processing on their behalf. CCS will copy the Providers as well.

Secure Database Control

Custom Credentialing Services takes every precaution utilizing state of the art technology to ensure that our Provider database is secure and protected.

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