Custom Credentialing Services, Inc.

Mission and Vision​

Custom Credentialing  Services is a professional services corporation doing business in the State of Colorado. Our Mission is to fully dedicate our professional credentialing resources to our Customers. The principal resource is our trained staff committed to putting the Customers needs first. We strive to maintain superior and cost effective services.

Our Vision is Quality Customer Service, Commitment, Dedication and Integrity.

Provider Medicaid Enrollment

The Provider Medicaid enrollment process is designed to assist Group Practices with providers who are Medicaid enrollable. In addition to obtaining the Group NPI, and Tax ID, we also require the following legible copies per Provider to assure successful enrollment:

  • State License
  • Provider NPI
  • Board Certification
  • Diploma or Official Transcripts
  • DEA Certification, Prescribers only 
  • Primary Practice and Locations
  • Provider SSN as Provider Federal Tax ID (TIN)
  • Proof of Malpractice/Professional Liability Insurance


Primary Source Verification

As used herein, Primary Source is one that possesses direct knowledge of the validity and authenticity of an Applicant’s credentials. The cornerstone of the services performed by Custom Credentialing Services is to ensure Applicants education, training and professional credentials are carefully investigated through Primary Source Verification (PSV). We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with Provider information obtained through the Credentialing verification process. Our credentialing service is exclusively offered to the following Healthcare Provider Organizations:

  • Non-profit Healthcare 
  • Non-profit Behavioral Health
  • For Profit Healthcare
  • Dental Medicine (DDS, DMD, DH, Orthodontists, Periodontists)

Please see Services for additional Credentialing details. 

Outsourcing Benefits

Credentialing is a challenging undertaking for Healthcare Organizations and Providers. When multiple entities perform credentialing for the same group of providers, there is a needless overlap and duplication for the same requests. They are besieged with  requests for exactly the same information. Outsourcing is:

  • Cost Effective
  • Increases Productivity
  • Paperwork Streamlined
  • Reduces Duplication
  • Reduces Overhead Cost

Abstract: Health Care Credentialing is a process that specifically define areas of medical practice inclusive of specific modalities of care a medical treatment facility grants to dentists, physicians and allied health professionals. Credentialing has come under closer scrutiny by the public, and federal and state government agencies as part of the overall concern for quality medical care and patient safety.